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Hotpot's First Week

Friday, November 19, 2010 | 2:08 PM

What an exciting first week for Hotpot. We launched Monday and announced Hotpot at the L3 meetup at the Ferry Building that night, and since then, the team’s been hard at work on the next phases of Hotpot, and, of course, rating all the places we know so we can stay on the top of our friend leaderboards (they’re catching up fast!).

The best part about this week? We’ve really been feeling the love from you guys. Thank you so much for jumping right in and rating, inviting your friends to share recommendations with you and sending us all your feedback.

A couple gems from Twitter that particularly made our day:

If you missed it, check out all the Twitter chatter about Hotpot here, and follow @GoogleHotpot to stay updated on news, tips and conversations about your favorite places.

You also showed us that you’re quite the creative bunch. We’ve been watching our Product Ideas page, where you can submit Hotpot feature ideas and vote on others by fellow users, closely. Pitching ideas and voting on them will be open through December, so look for responses from the team there during the next few weeks. A couple of the top-voted ideas you guys submitted (keep it coming):

Finally, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Vanessa, that's me in the photo below.

I'm Hotpot's community manager, which means I'm here to help you, Hotpot's users. I represent your wants and needs to the Hotpot team here at Google, so don’t be shy, tell us what you think. I'm also here to help keep things fun both on and offline, so sit tight for some cool stuff we have planned.

Well, it’s Friday, which means it’s time to make weekend plans. I’m in the mood for some delicious Thai food. Search is telling me a friend rated Klong in New York, where I live and work, five stars on Hotpot — done and done! As you’re planning your weekend, I’d love to know, did Hotpot suggest spots you’re going to check out? Share your Hotpot success stories in the comments.

Posted by Vanessa Schneider, Hotpot Team


Ensign_Crusher said...

I've been looking for good Pho in Brooklyn, but it doesn't seem to exist. Instead, I went on HotPot and found Eton on Smith street, which specializes in Ramen. Close enough and it's super cheap. Thanks HotPot!

Matt said...

I'm new to the big city, so Hotpot has been super helpful. My NYC friends have been pretty quick to jump on it, so now I don't have to pester them for suggestions. Right now I'm looking up coffee shops to crack out the laptop and get some work done for this weekend—and maybe a bar for after!

Vanessa Schneider, Community Manager said...

Ensign_Crusher and Matt: Those sound like pretty awesome Hotpot success stories to me! Thank you for sharing.

Andrew said...

I really like Google Maps and Places and the HotPot is going to be great. I wonder why Twitter is featuring so big here. Why not Google Buzz about it too?

k.appenbrink said...

I'm always looking for a good Italian place, so I've used Hotpot to make my list of places to try next (and which ones to avoid).

I'm also going to be looking for any recommendations specifically mentioning Eggs Florentine--it's my mission toe find the best version in the city.