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Meet Your Hotpot Neighbor: Connor Scalleat

Thursday, January 20, 2011 | 5:01 PM


Editor’s Note: Every couple weeks we spotlight one of our amazing Hotpot users. Both so you guys can start to get to know one another, but also so we can pull together and share our favorite local places. Let's do this.

Location: Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

What are some of the first places you rated on Hotpot?
Basically I opened up Hotpot and it pulled up places close to my geographic locations and also places I had searched for before going there on vacation. I basically had visited every single place that it pulled up in my original "dashboard" and rated all of them. The first place I remember rating was the Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii.

Discover any new places thanks to Hotpot?
My most notable recommendation from Hotpot was a restaurant called the Chocolate Avenue Grill located on Chocolate Avenue in Hershey, PA. My family and I were visiting Hershey to shop at the outlets, and we spent about half an hour arguing which restaurant to patronize.

So I pulled out my laptop, did a Hotpot search for restaurants in the area, and it recommended a multitude of locations. I quickly read reviews, looked at pictures, selected between locations close enough and ones that were open. Overall it took me about five minutes to find a restaurant I really enjoyed, and once I was done, I was able to share my experience with the world.

Describe your perfect Saturday afternoon.
My perfect Sunday afternoon is heading on over to a local Mexican restaurant called The Brass Buckle. They have been there forever in this cute little town. Their food is to die for, and you eat in a basement, so it's pretty unique. After this I head on down the street and pick up some ice cream at a Stewart’s which has curbside service.

Where can I get a delicious burger in your town?
Whatever you do, don't come here for burgers. If you want an amazing burger take an hour-and-30-miinute drive to New York City and go to Shake Shack, the best burger place in the entire world!

What are one or two little-known gems you tell out-of-towners they have to check out? 
There is a Japanese hibachi restaurant located downtown which has been their forever called Katana which I find to be absolutely amazing. The Boyd Theatre is another very cool unique place located in our area. It is an old-fashioned theater, with a balcony and about a million seats, that was originally used for plays and things.

Posted by Vanessa Schneider, Hotpot Team


Anonymous said...

i was born and raised in wilkes-barre,pa and i LOVE katana. i now live in portland, OR (known for its dining, esp asian) and i have yet to find the place that tops katana.

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