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Google and the Trail Blazers Team Up

Friday, December 10, 2010 | 3:56 PM

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On Thursday, Google arrived in Portland, Oregon, to spread the word about Google Places and Hotpot, their new local recommendation engine, among local business owners. And that night, as the Trail Blazers took on the Orlando Magic in the Rose Garden, we on the Trail Blazers team unveiled a new interactive partnership with Google to assist with the launch of this homegrown campaign.

Google chose Portland as its first city to promote Google Places and Hotpot because of its thriving local business community (you can read more about their Portland plans here). So many great businesses are located here, Portland is a leader embracing cutting-edge technology, and business owners here can get rated on Hotpot and use it to their advantage to help locals and tourists alike find them online!

As a local business operator, we're excited to welcome Google Places and Hotpot to the Portland family and look forward to the help they’ll bring to local businesses.

When fans stepped into the arena last night, they were greeted by a sea of red. Trail Blazers and Google Places branded t-shirts — all 22,000 of them — were given away to everyone who attended the game. See a full gallery of photos from last night here, taken by Jeff Hinds.

And fans wasted no time in putting them right on, using them as rally towels and showing their Trail Blazers pride. At the arena last night? Share photos of you in your tee over on the Google Hotpot Facebook page.

But the Googliness wasn’t just in the arena or on the backs of fans. From hilarious signs in the restrooms (“Did someone just rate in here?”) to cups at all concession stands to digital messaging throughout the venue, there was no doubt among fans that Google has arrived in town. Expect to see Google at the Rose Garden throughout the next month.

The big announcement at the game last night was the kick-off of Google’s Hotpot Jackpot Portland contest. The rules are simple: Rate and review places on Hotpot, invite your friends to share recommendations with you on Hotpot, and win prizes for being one of our top Portland users. Winners will be announced in January, and prizes include dinner for 10 at the local restaurant of your choice. To register, visit right now and start rating and inviting friends today!

Posted by Tom Fletcher, Vice President Corporate Partnerships for the Trail Blazers


Andy Joe said...

You guys rock!

Vanessa Schneider said...

Thanks, Andy! You rock too. :)

- Vanessa, Hotpot Community Manager