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Hotpotters Cheer for the Trail Blazers in VIP Style

Thursday, February 24, 2011 | 1:51 PM

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Last week we held a little contest on our Portland Twitter channel, @HotpotPDX. We asked you guys 10 questions related to Hotpot and our Portland marketing campaign. The first person to @reply us with the correct answer would win two tickets to see the Portland Trail Blazers take on the Lakers from a fully catered suite at the Rose Garden. Pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves!

You guys floored us with your enthusiasm and the speed at which you responded. A few of the questions and answers:

  • What team did the Trail Blazers play against the night Google gave away all those sweet red t-shirts at the Rose Garden? Answer: Orlando Magic.
  • What are we calling the snazzy new technology built into all the shiny ‘Recommended on Google’ stickers popping up around town? Answer: NFC
  • How many Best Ever medals does Powell’s City of Books have on their Place page? Answer: 121 (though that number has since gone up!). Side note: We’ve even teamed up with Powell’s this week: Show a cashier your Hotpot app for Android or iPhone, get a super cool Klean Kanteen — on Google!

A big thanks to our contest winners — Tyler, Scott, Joe, Erik, Lauren, Alex, Brian, Derek, Olivia and Rachel — and their guests for joining us at the big game!

Photo courtesy of Joe Morris.
Leo and Joe. Photo courtesy of Joe Morris.
And an extra special thank you to our friends at the Trail Blazers for having us.

Posted by Vanessa Schneider, Hotpot Team


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Google Hotpot for the time at the game! It was great! We had Jerome Kersey and the Blazers dancers visit! It's too bad that the Blazers lost, but you're from Mountain View, CA... I'm sure you were happy with the Laker's win ;-) LOL


Vanessa Schneider said...

Hey now -- we were rootin' for the Blazers ;) OK, well maybe not Googler Sameer. But he's from LA, so we'll excuse him :P

Thanks so much for coming, Derek!