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Share With Friends What You Liked and Disliked About a Place

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | 4:22 PM

Sometimes, just knowing your friend rated a place four stars isn’t enough to make a decision about where to go. That’s one reason why reviews, along with ratings, can be so helpful.

But even beyond the star rating and written review, we wanted to make it really easy for you to share very specific information about all kinds of places. Why did your friend rate it four stars? How was the food? The service? How about the atmosphere — just right? Location: good or bad?

When you rate a place on Hotpot, we give you the option to specify that you liked or disliked certain “aspects” of a place, such as food, service, rooms, location and more. Here’s how you rate aspects on

And here’s how you rate aspects using the rating widget for Android (below left) and the Google Places app for iPhone (below right):


We’re now surfacing this aspect information alongside your ratings and reviews on the Place page for various businesses, on Google Maps, and on your phone.

For instance, here’s what some of your friends’ reviews will now look like on a Place page:

And on Maps:

The next time you rate and review a place, be sure to specify what you liked and disliked about it so that your friends will know exactly what they’re in for when they check our your recommendation.

Posted by Shantanu Shah, Hotpot Engineer