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Get Ready to Rock, Portland: Presenting the Best Ever Concert Series

Monday, February 21, 2011 | 11:02 PM

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Update 3.1: The Red Fang and The Builders & The Butchers show is SOLD OUT. See you on the high seas!

Update 2.26: The Thermals and Lifesavas show is SOLD OUT. See you at The Rink!

Update 2.25: We've added distribution locations to the My Map for the second show featuring Red Fang and The Builders & the Butchers.

Update 2.21: We've created a Facebook event so you can RSVP and spread the news about these awesome shows to your people. Word.

When we first hit Portland in December to experiment with a new marketing approach for Google Places, we knew the city had an amazing music scene, full of great musicians and venues. And, well, just like Portlanders, all of us on the Hotpot team really like to rock it out.

So starting Feb. 28, to celebrate the sounds of Portland, we're bringing PDX something extra special. We're calling it the Best Ever concert series — named after one of our very favorite Hotpot features, the Best Ever medal — and here's what's going down:

How to Get In

So how do I get into one of these shows, you ask? The shows are free and all ages, but you have to show us a special wristband that’ll be given out at specific times at various locations throughout the city.  

For the first show at The Rink, locations include Compound Gallery, The Fix at Someday Lounge, Ace Hotel Portland, Fresh Pot Mississippi, and Hawthorne Burgerville.

For the second show on The Boat, locations include Trade Up Music, Jackpot Records, The Rebuilding Center, Music Millennium, Chopsticks II and the Peoples' Sandwich of Portland.

Details for the third show to be announced soon!

Here's a handy My Map of these locations:

View Wristband Pickup Locations for Best Ever Concert Series in a larger map

When To Get These Wristbands

As for when the wristbands will be available, and for which show, this is where it gets fun. You need to follow us at @HotpotPDX on Twitter to find out exactly when the wristbands will be made available. And then it's up to you to run, jump, bike, or swim as fast as you can to make sure you get one. No wristband, no show entry. Sad face.


Available at each show will be a custom Scout Book. This book includes a digital download code to get the Best Ever Mixtape, featuring exclusive tracks from some of Portland’s favorite bands. The book also lists some of the places in town considered Best Evers by the band members. A limited edition of 5,000 books will be produced and distributed.

Think that just about covers it. Be sure to stay tuned to @HotpotPDX and the Hotpot Blog for more information before, during and after the shows — lots of good stuff in store.

A Special Thanks

One final note: These concerts would not have been possible without the help of the amazing (and dashing) Portland-based Official Manufacturing Company. So make sure to thank, high five and hug, these three fellas next time you see them around town.

See you in the front row!

Posted by Vanessa Schneider, Hotpot Team


Anonymous said...

For the next show, you should have The Slants play! They're the first and only all Asian American dance rock band in the world...and their home is Portland!

attorney said...

Decemberists would be another great local band

Danny M. said...

I know that Decemberists are big here, but there are so many other greater bands to showcase for an event like this. It'd be nice to see some of the lesser known bands in the area get some reccognition, like Blouse or Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The lineup for these shows are pretty solid, thanks Google!

Pottymouth said...

Disappointing that Google thinks that working adults with families can run off to a random place in the city to get tickets just at any time.

The concerts will be full of Portlandia 'dream of the 90's is still alive' hipsters.

Craig said...

We need to get this going in Chicago! Very cool.

Sandy said...

Is it one wristband per person or is two per person an option? Want to know before I potentially run off somewhere..

Vanessa Schneider said...

One wristband per person, but if you show your Hotpot app for Android or iPhone, you'll get a second! Android app: | iPhone app:

Audra said...

Some people don't do the 'Mac' thing, some folks don't twatter. Seems kind of discriminatory for the rest of us who love PDX, love live music, love free stuff, love hotpot but will totally miss out on this opportunity. Really sucky guys!

James Sitzer said...

Sure does suck to show up early, wait in line for half an hour and not get tickets. You really should think about giving out more than a handful. It's really bad publicity otherwise.