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Come Celebrate Austin with Google and GSD&M at SXSW

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 | 2:36 PM

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The best taco in Austin sparks a healthy debate when brought up at GSD&M — every employee you ask will give you their opinion about the freshest tortillas or the tastiest salsa that makes their taco worthy of the “Best Ever” title. Our agency is deeply rooted in Austin and it's not just the best tacos our employees rave about; it’s also the best swimming holes, best barbecue joints, best lookout points, and all of the spots that make Austin the one-of-a-kind city that it is. Many of these places are renowned, but there a lot of secrets you need a local to tell you about.

With people heading to Austin this week in droves to kickoff SXSW, we wanted to do our due diligence to ensure the out-of-towners know the best places to go. We teamed up with the Hotpot crew to plan The Industry Party on Monday, March 14 at GSD&M. We’re going to have music from J. Roddy Walston & The Business, The Mother Truckers and Lance Herbstrong. We’ll feature art from Austin's Magda Sayeg, RAD Furniture, and Hugh MacLeod to name a few. And we’ll unveil a seriously awesome interactive Google map showcasing GSD&M’s Best Evers of Austin.

We can only hope SXSW attendees will discover some of their own Best Evers this trip, and we can't wait to see how theirs compare to ours. But seriously, you'll have to trust us on the tacos. You can thank us later.

Posted by John McGrath and David Rockwood, GSD&M


Wes W. said...

Taco Deli is definitely the best taco place in Austin, therefore a contender for best taco place ever. I will go further and name the best taco at the best taco place: The Mojo Tilapia Taco. Also, the Guacasabi and Al Pastor are not to be overlooked.

That is all.

CharlesSang said...

Tacos!?! I love tacos!

Here's an incredible list of Taco places you have to try by neighborhood!

destinedfordespair said...

WOO! Tacos! Sounds like a total blast even though I've lived in Austin for 7 years now... Torches. I don't know if they have them in other places but if you want a pretty fast, gigantic, delicious, taco,(also with some really rockin queso) that's the place! El Borego is pretty sweet too! Both places have lots of VEGGIE options which is GREAT, especially in Austin!! But besides Tacos there are SO many cool local places to eat here! The Hideout Coffee house, RIGHT in the middle of the action, a venue and they even have tacos! There's all the fro-yo places which are all oh-so-yummy and not oh-so-fattening! Great to cool you down when you're runnin' round town!