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Google Keeps Things Warm at Mt. Hood Meadows

Monday, February 7, 2011 | 1:55 PM


Skiers and snowboarders alike are always sharing with one another their favorite places to hit up on trips — from the mountain itself to the lodge to the restaurant you’ve gotta check out after a long day on the slopes.

So this past Saturday, the Hotpot team strapped on their snow boots and headed to Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort just outside of Portland, Oregon, to get people rating and sharing their favorite snowy places with friends using Hotpot.

We set up shop in the main lodge next to the Schuss Grill, and quickly saw long lines of people waiting to try Hotpot on their phone and learn more about what Google’s up to in Portland:

It was windy, it was snowy, so in a word, cold. But we came prepared: hand warmers and hot bevvies for everyone on the mountain — on Google. 

We also gave cozy hats and gloves to everyone who showed us the Hotpot rating widget for Android or the Google Places iPhone app on their phone. Note that these were fingerless gloves (easier for rating on the go, of course).

Mt. Hood's one of the Hotpot team's Best Ever mountains. What are some of your favorite ski resorts? Share your spots in the comments below.

Posted by Vanessa Schneider, Hotpot Team


Mike D. Merrill said...

Would love to help you host an event in Dallas sometime as part of the Social Media Club.


Vanessa Schneider said...

Thanks, Mike! We'll keep you posted if we hit up Dallas.

- Vanessa, Hotpot community manager